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Our award-winning team of editors and project managers collaborate and scrutinize the manuscript for the stages vary in complexity. Our editorial department review further and once it’s appealing and marketable, the editors consider the text in its entirety. Birch Tree’s in house team can take your idea all the way from concept to print by offering everything from interior design, editing and production. Our goal is to take your book not only to the finish line, but beyond. Our industry expertise and insight will help create a book of exceptional quality that can thrive in the marketplace, that match or surpass the quality of those generated by major publishing houses.

Possibly the best value publishing package you will find for getting your work out into the mainstream. This is the best way of experiencing the self-publishing experience at a low cost. This package is popular with first time writers or seasoned authors, those that already have the cover and sometimes texts files created and are looking for global distribution. Never know you can become the next J.K Rowling! We are here to support you on your quest, with even budget friendly add-ons to ensure you scale up your project if you need to! If you decide you need help marketing your publication, we can take care of that too.

Birch Tree’s Publishing Packages offers everything the author on a budget needs to become a fully published author and have their title available worldwide for potential customers to buy.






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  • Developmental editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book interior design
  • Book cover design
  • Illustrations and Graphics

Birch Tree Publishing is dedicated to helping independent authors access a wide audience of readers. We have established strong relationships with major wholesalers, bookstore chains, independent booksellers, and other retail outlets — both local and international. Our sales team will champion your book and will procure the best retail outlets to sell your book. We are known for representing the best in small and independent publishing. In addition to distributing the titles we publish, Birch Tree also select a limited number of independently produced books for distribution each year. This selectivity allows us to design customized distribution plans and focus significant energy on the titles we take on, which will maximize their sales potential.

Birch Tree is all about empowering authors to sell more books. With its traditional publishing background, we work with many printers and thousands of retailers worldwide to ensure that your book is available to a truly global audience. Your book will be available with online retailers worldwide and listed on the systems of high-street retailers. This enables your book to be marketed in many countries, increasing the opportunity for you to make additional sales. Once your book is published with Birch Tree, it is distributed through the world’s largest wholesale distributors (Ingram, Bowker and Baker & Taylor) to over 150,000 retailers worldwide (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Powells, and thousands of others). 

When you publish a book with Birch Tree, your book will be priced competitively – there are many companies that place their books at such a high price that it makes it very difficult to sell and market them. However we understand certain books require a higher price based on the genre – and size of the publication, but we need to stay competitive within the market to drive sales and push the author to succeed.

The combined experience of Birch Tree in both traditional and self-publishing means that all   authors’ needs and expectations will be met. If this cannot happen, then the partnership will never begin and we will advise the author that they are not the best fit for Birch Tree Publishing.

Royalties are earned from book sales and are paid to authors every six months to allow the collection of accurate and sufficient sales data. Besides receiving a well-earned recompense from their work, writers receive an itemized statement detailing the number of copies sold and a stock list from where the units were purchased.                                                                               

We analyze not only the book’s unique qualities but also the features it shares with works in similar competitive genres, our marketing team identify the sales techniques most likely to prove effective and from this formulate a comprehensive marketing plan tailor-made for the author’s title(s). Even after the book is published, we continue to meet regularly in order to discuss its progress, adjusting the techniques we employ based on its sales and researching the latest forms of marketing and promotional tactics, which will offer a new and innovative approach to enhance sales margins.